Protect Your Roof During Hurricane Season

Protect Your Roof During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is approaching and if you are a homeowner, you want to make sure your home is adequately protected from these dangerous storms. The first place to start is your roof. It’s important to make sure your roof is getting the care and attention it needs to make it through the upcoming months. If you want to protect your roof and are wondering where you should you start, follow these four tips.

Schedule an Evaluation 

Schedule an evaluation – Preventative maintenance extends the life of a roof. With hurricane season approaching, it is important to have an experienced contractor ensure there are no issues with your roof that a hurricane can worsen.

Your roofing contractor will look at the following areas of your roof:

  • Membrane – make sure there are no rips, punctures, holes or effects of aging.
  • Flashings – make sure all flashings are correctly attached and sealed.
  • Mounted Equipment – make sure the penetrations are properly sealed and that the equipment is securely attached.
  • Gutters/Downspouts – make sure all gutters, drains, and downspouts properly attached and flowing to the proper location.

Install Hurricane Straps

 Also known as “roof tie-downs”, these metal straps are designed to help hold your roof on if you end up in the path of a hurricane or one of the tornados that it spawns. They’re essential when you’re living in tropical environments.  They are typically galvanized steel brackets that connect a rafter to a stud and should have less than a half inch gap from the truss. Installing hurricane straps can be a pain as they lie beneath your walls. However, the cost of installing hurricane straps will pay off in the long run in the case that a devastating hurricane comes through.

Trim Nearby Trees

One of the most dangerous, yet overlooked steps you can take to ensure roof safety during a hurricane is to trim the trees in your yard. Often, the first thing that you’ll notice during a hurricane are tree branches spread all over the streets. These branches can impale a roof and if heavy enough, they are extremely dangerous to your roof’s structural integrity.  We suggest that you cut down all loose or vulnerable branches before hurricane season, and make sure that branches are never within six feet of your house.

Clean Gutters and Drains

Hurricanes produce incredible amounts of rain, and without the proper method of disposal, water can back up and leak into your house through vulnerabilities in the roof. Ensuring that the gutters are cleared will allow water to flow effectively off your roof.

You are capable of protecting your roof from hurricanes that can cause a lot of damage. Follow these four tips to reduce the risk of serious damage to your home. RPI is your first destination for attention to detail, we are trained to detect any and all conditions that could signal a need for roof repair. To set up your annual roofing maintenance schedule, call RPI Roofing now at 912-756-7663. We would be happy to provide you with free estimates if we do detect a roofing issue.

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