Critical Roof Care Questions Every Homeowner Should Know

Most of us don’t know much about roof care beyond its job to stop rain and other natural elements (or critters) from getting inside. But before half of your roof caves into your living room after a bad storm, consider these roof care questions.

1. What are some signs of a roof problem?

Hold off on the ladder for this one. By simply going into your attic, you can check the durability of your roof. Look for sagging roof decks (those beams that support the entire structure), water damage, leaks, or dark spots. If you see light coming in, well, Houston, we have a problem.

As for the outside of the house, here are some other things to look for: shingles that look like they’re on their last leg (or shingles that are missing entirely), masses of moss (this could mean that the roof is decaying underneath the giant pile; you would also see signs of this via your attic inspection), mold, cracked rubber boots around vent pipes, damaged chimneys. Basically, when you’re doing your semi-annual inspection, the moments that you think, “Wow, that really doesn’t look good,” are probably areas of concern. In which case, grab a phone and call us.

2. How do I know whether to replace or repair a roof?

That’s a good question and one that depends on a few things. Most importantly, the age of your roof will be a determining factor. Patch repairs are possible, but if your roof is older than you are, you might want to consider replacing the whole thing. Other factors include construction material and past maintenance. Also, if your gutters are posing a serious head-injury-threat every time you walk past them, you’ll want to replace those as well. (It’s best to do roofing and gutters at the same time.)

3. Should I break out the tool belt and ladder and fix the roof myself?

No. Contrary to popular belief, there is a technique and subtle art that goes into the making of a roof. If you use improper techniques, that could lead to further (and possibly more serious) damage.

4. Are gutter clogs that big of a deal?

Absolutely. One of the functions of gutters is simply to serve as a protector of your roof. Clogged gutters means that there’s a potential for a leaky roof, which could lead to serious water damage inside or outside your home.

5. How much damage can a hail storm cause?

Although rare in southern Georgia, hail storms are a serious roofing matter. Unlike water that collects over time and gives you a heads up on damage, hail storms can cause unseen destruction. After a hail storm, it’s important to get an inspection from an expert.

6. Is it okay to have a small army of squirrels living in my attic?

Unless you’re an unusual animal lover, probably not. Critters actually enter the attic through soffit vents (those, usually white or wooden, boards that form the underside of a roof’s overhang). When you’re doing a routine roof inspection, be sure to look out for holes.

If you have more questions or think that your roof is not supposed to be doing whatever it’s currently doing, call us at RPI Roofing. We’ve been your premier residential roofing company in Savannah GA since 2006.

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